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"Coffee with Marci" (CWM) is a female focused, social media talk show highlighting businesses and non-profit organizations in Bergen County, NJ.  I live in Bergen County and wanted the show to have a local, community flavor to it as a way for me to give-back to an area that I love.  I wanted to create a show to bring informative and local feel-good stories for people to share through the reach of social media. Through these interviews I focus on their mission/services, how they got to where they are, their passion and how they made their dreams come true. With this I hope to inspire the audience while informing them about Bergen County.  I host CWM and shoot two shows per week, in studio or on location, with the average length being 25 minutes per show. CWM airs twice a week on Facebook, the viewers can find it easily and the reach is endless......

My vision when I launched CWM back in December of 2016 was to give a voice to local charities, entrepreneurs and doctors with a female slant and influence. My guests are leaders of charities or businesses so naturally they are very passionate, this is what they aspired to do and have made it a reality. Just as important as the topic being discussed in a particular show is how my guests, mostly women, have gotten to this point within their lives. These high-achieving women have compelling stories that they share which not only informs but inspires other women. The casual setting I create, of course is over a cup of coffee, allows my guests to really open up and form a connection with my female based viewer. CWM is meant to inform and inspire women which ultimately leads women to feel empowered.

The data I receive shows my viewers are women 35-65. They identify with the other women on my show and are inspired to do whatever it is that’s in their hearts or discover what that is.

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